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Meetings are scheduled periodically at the discretion of the members. Meetings are held at the Southside Preservation Hall (in the ballroom), 1519 Lipscomb St. Fort Worth, TX whenever possible. If the hall is not available, meetings will be held at an alternate location to be announced before the meeting.
Our Mission
Panther City Feral Cat Coalition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to working with compassionate individuals, local governments and shelters to humanely control the growth of the feral cat population in the City of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, Texas by implementing long-term solutions to significantly reduce the population of unaltered, free-roaming and/or abandoned cats and kittens using a method known as Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).
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Our Mascot
Norton, the orange tabby cat in our logo, is patterned after a real life Fort Worth feral cat named Norton, whose friendliness and dependability influenced some of the current members to help found Panther City Feral Cat Coalition.
Why a Panther?
The image of a sleeping panther has long been a part of Fort Worth history, beginning in the late 1800s, when a Dallas attorney reportedly claimed after visiting Cowtown that "things were so quiet, (he) had seen a panther asleep on Main Street, undisturbed by the rush of men or the hum of trade." Fort Worth officials turned the intended insult into an advantage, and the panther became an enduring symbol of the city's strength. Over the years, panthers have appeared here and there throughout the city, carved on downtown buildings, crouching on Fort Worth Police badges, painted on fire trucks and as a mascot for high schools and baseball teams.
In our logo, the panther is protecting our mascot, Norton, from harm. Our logo symbolizes the City of Fort Worth protecting its feral cats.